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Viking Met Original 0.75l, alc. 11 Vol.-%, honey wine

6,99 €
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Unit Price 9,99 € / Litre

The honey wine from Haithabu

Mead enjoyment couldn't be more authentic - Original Wikinger Met is the only branded mead from the region of origin around Haithabu!

What is the secret of Viking Mead? Viking Met hits the nerve of our time - the attention to the decelerating world of the Vikings and to an original like Viking Met gives us space for small adventures, beautiful encounters and pleasant memories. The beguiling taste of honey wine stimulates our happy hormones and takes us away to spheres full of comfort and originality for pleasant moments. Everyday stress and pressure to perform are left out here. Only the real thing counts and the images in our heads.

Original Viking Met is one of the most charming invitations to an escape from the present that touches all the senses. Viking Met has the power to beam us away from the blues of modern times. The brand does it very rustic, very real, very unspectacular... and very close to our dreams of brave, efficient Vikings who - like us today - reward themselves for the hardship of the day's work with a joint drink of honey wine.