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The Duke Wanderlust Gin 0.7l, alc. 47% by volume, Gin Germany

39,90 €
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Unit Price 57,00 € / Litre

" THE DUKE Wanderlust Gin " embodies the feeling of wanderlust and love of home at the same time.

In addition to the important ingredients juniper, coriander and bitter orange, the distillate is refined with hand-picked natural spices from the Bavarian foothills of the Alps: the fine flowers edelweiss, cornflower, poppy, arnica blossom and rose blossom give the gin a hint of honey aroma. Raspberry provides a clearly noticeable fruity note.

An exception in terms of regional herbs and spices is the cocoa bean, which has traveled from far away, and which gives the distillate its full-bodied body. Last but not least, hops and malt give the gin the usual Bavarian mildness and round off “ THE DUKE Wanderlust Gin ”.

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