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Tekirdag Raki Gold Series 0.7l, alc. 45% by volume, Turkish spirit

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Tekirdag Raki Gold is a 90-day barrique-aged raki that is double-distilled from 100% vol. grapes.

The first distillation pass produces the Suma.

Selected fresh grapes are distilled.

The finest anise seeds are inserted into this first distillate.

The second firing takes place in special copper raki stills.

The raki is then stored in barrique barrels for 90 days, which gives it its golden colour. The exquisite aniseed and the harmonizing barrel aging give this raki its gentle and oily taste and its harmonious texture.

You can say with a clear conscience that the Gold Series from Tekirdag Raki is one of the best rakis in the world. Tekirdag Raki Gold is served with water or plain.

The ideal serving temperature is 8 – 10°C.

If you want to add ice, add it after the water.

Tekirdag Raki Gold is rarely drunk alone, rather it is a social drink at a typical Turkish evening or at a social gathering of business partners.

A wide selection of meze dishes (starters) are usually served with Tekirdag Raki Gold .

These could best be compared to Italian antipasti or Spanish tapas. The provincial capital of Tekirdag is about two hours away from Istanbul.

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Belchin Tsvektov

Tekirdag Raki Gold Series 0,7l, alc. 45 Vol.-%, Türkische Spirituose