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Roku Gin 0.7l, alc. 43% Vol, Gin Japan

26,99 €
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Unit Price 38,56 € / Litre

Made from 6 unique Japanese botanicals: yuzu peel, sakura flower, sakura leaves, sencha tea, gyokuro tea, sansho pepper.These are harvested according to the "Shun principle" at optimum maturity and then processed and distilled directly .

Combined with botanicals traditionally used for gin: juniper, cinnamon, angelica, coriander and bitter orange for the authentic gin taste.

Aroma: Aroma of cherry blossoms and green tea with hints of floral-sweet notes

Taste: Complex and layered, perfect harmony between classic gin taste and the special botanical notes. With yuzu as a concise note. Soft and velvety on the palate.

Finish: Sansho pepper provides a slight spiciness on the finish.