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Ramazzotti Amaro 1.0l, alc. 30% by volume, herbal liqueur Italy

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Around 1815, a pharmacist in Milan invented this particular liqueur and gave it his name, Ramazotti.

Ausano Ramazotti himself was well known for his knowledge of herbs and roots, despite his young age.

He now used this knowledge to produce a semi-bitter, Amaro in Italian.

This is how the Amaro Ramazotti got its full name.

The fine taste, the exquisite herbs and the fine alcohol used in production quickly made the liqueur known beyond the borders of Italy.

Today it can be found all over the world and real connoisseurs swear by its fine taste and full aroma.

It is not without reason that this is one of the few spirits that is not only popular with connoisseurs and laypeople, but is also generally very well known.

The dark bottle, which has its color from the content, is clearly visible from afar and is recognized by connoisseurs all over the world.

The red label almost glows against the dark background.

The curved letters, mostly written in slight semi-curves, give the whole thing a lightness that is pleasing to the eye.

But even more important is the content, which is easy to see thanks to the clear glass of the bottle. Depending on the incidence of light, the liqueur sometimes glows deep black, sometimes slightly brownish.

Loved and liked by almost everyone, the Ramazotti is a wonderful and pleasant treat on ice or pure and well chilled.

But other creations can also be made with this herbal bitter.

A squeeze of lemon or just a slice of the fruit in the glass makes for a refreshing bitters.

33 herbs and root extracts are used in the making of this liqueur, most of them as secret ingredients.

In addition to orange and rhubarb, other well-known ingredients include cinchona, gentian, oregano and cinnamon.

But it is the combination of all the ingredients that makes the Ramazotti so unique. It has often been copied, but connoisseurs always turn to the original, as only this offers full enjoyment.

Combined with lemonade or ginger ale, quick long drinks are created that impress with their taste and show that exclusive drinks do not always need a lot of ingredients, but often rather good ingredients.