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Ouzo of Plomari 0.7l, alc. 40% by volume, Greek spirit

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Unit Price 18,56 € / Litre

The Plomari Ouzo is considered the No. 1 of the Greek aniseed liqueurs.

Every connoisseur and holidaymaker in Greece knows and loves it. The high-quality ingredients, such as the aromatic herbs from Lesbos and the fragrant aniseed from Lisvori - which is considered the best in the world - combine to create the inimitable mild and spicy ouzo taste that makes it so makes special.

Ouzo Plomari is made with particularly soft water from the springs of the Sedounta River, aniseed from Lisvori, fennel from the north of Evoia, star aniseed, cinnamon, nutmeg, mastic extract from Chios, various other herbs from Lesvos and salt from the Kalloni Saltworks in Lesvos .

The right mix has been passed down for generations and is a well-kept secret.

The internationally awarded premium quality of Ouzo Plomari is crowned with a stylish cork stopper - it is the trademark of particularly exquisite ouzos.