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Krottentaler Single Malt Whiskey 0.5l, alc. 40% by volume

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The Krottenthaler whiskey is a German single malt from Fleischmann. Today the distillery produces whiskey and other spirits under the name Blaue Maus. The owner Thomas Fleischmann has been producing whiskey here for over 30 years, which makes the Blaue Maus Germany's oldest whiskey distillery.

This particular bottle was distilled in June '94 and bottled in November 2000. It comes from cask #1.

Here are the tasting notes for the current edition of the Krottentaler:


dry and spicy, especially cinnamon, dried pear and the intense acidity of an old wine cask, almost like an old brandy, creamy chocolate with walnut

The taste

vinous, but this time the acidity is not in the foreground, but rather wood aromas that seem to cling to tartar, caramelized blossoms, milk chocolate with ginger and walnut, quite intensely spicy


The acidity intensifies again in the aftertaste, there are also walnut notes, which now appear much greener. The spicy notes tweak, especially on the outside of the tongue