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Jägermeister 1.0l alc. 35% by volume

20,49 €
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Unit Price 20,49 € / Litre

Jägermeister is the absolute classic among the well-known herbal bitters and the undisputed number one in its field in Germany.

The Mast distillery from Wolfenbüttel on the edge of the Harz Mountains has existed since 1878.

Founder's son Curt Mast has a knack for excellent herbal extracts and finally creates the recipe for the world-famous Jägermeister in 1934.

The name of this herbal liqueur is a tribute to the hunters, who included Curt Mast, and the unspoiled nature of the area.

Of course, the 56 different ingredients that are used for Jägermeister are still there today.

The emblem of a stag with a glowing cross in its antlers, which unmistakably adorns the green bottle, goes back to a legend.

According to this, a deer with glowing antlers confronted a wild hunter and moved him to the Christian faith through his appearance.

As Saint Hubertus, this hunter later became the patron saint of hunters.