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Grand Marnier 0.7l, alc. 40% by volume, cognac orange liqueur France

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The famous triple sec liqueur Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge is not only unmistakable because of the brown bottle with the red ribbon and the beautiful wax seal, but also because of its excellent taste.

Made from separately distilled orange spirit from bitter oranges of the Citrus Bigaradia variety and various, long-aged cognacs from France, Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Orange Liqueur is put together with a top-secret recipe and finally slowly matured in oak barrels.

In taste and smell, Grand Marnier attracts with orange and toffee notes and is perfect for cocktails, crêpe suzette and other specialties.

  • Amber curacao liqueur from France
  • Secret recipe from Caribbean bitter oranges and selected cognacs
  • Careful aging in French oak barrels
  • Fragrance with nuances of orange blossom and toffee
  • Taste of orange, cognac, orange marmalade and hazelnut
  • Housed in a distinctive cauldron-style bottle with a wax seal and red ribbon
  • Also perfect for cooking and baking