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Glen Talloch 8 Years Blended Scotch Whiskey 0.7l, alc. 40% by volume

17,99 €
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Unit Price 25,70 € / Litre

Within its portfolio, the Glen Talloch brand is dedicated to classic blends. This means that high-quality single malt whiskey is blended with industrially produced grain whiskey in order to be on the market later with the bottle at low cost. Glen Talloch is the most popular blended Scotch whiskey brand in the Netherlands.

Glen Talloch 8 years matured the entire time in oak casks, bottled at a mild 40% ABV. Alcohol.

Aroma: Mixture of sweetness and spice, hints of citrus and grain, fresh and floral.

Palate: Honey and citrus, tart grain note with some toffee and hints of smoke.