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Glayva Liqueur 0.7l, alc. 35% Vol, Whiskey Liqueur Scotland

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The story behind the liqueur originated in 1947 in the Leith docks in Edinburgh, Scotland. Ronald Morrison, a local wine and whiskey merchant, wanted to create a special liqueur. From the busy port of Leith, Morrison had access to exotic ingredients from far-off lands which, when blended with the Scotch malt whisky, produced a surprisingly distinctive and enjoyable taste. The name Glayva comes from the reaction of store clerk Hector, who was the first to try the liqueur after Morrison. "Gle Mhath," he announced, translated from the Gaelic as "very good."

Glayva Liqueur combines Scottish malt whiskey with herbs, fruits, nuts and spices. Bottled at 35 vol. % alcohol..

Aroma: Sweet and herbal with a light nuttiness and a hint of spice.

Taste: Sweet herbal honey with caramel, nuts and spices, delicately fruity.

Customer Reviews

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Del Trotter
One of the best whisky liqueur that you'll ever taste.

Für mich ist Glayva die beste Whisky liqueur Alle Zeiten. Ich trinke es am liebsten mit ein Eiswürfel.