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Drambuie Liqueur 0.7l, alc. 40% Vol, Scotland Whiskey Liqueur

21,99 €
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Unit Price 31,41 € / Litre

Drambuie is a whiskey liqueur made from aged Scotch whiskey, spices, herbs and heather honey. Its origins can be traced to a secret recipe created by a royal apothecary in the 18th century for Bonnie Prince Charlie. The name Drambuie is derived from the Scottish Gaelic “An Dram Buidheach” and means “The drink that fills you up”.

Drambuie Liqueur combines malt whiskey with honey, spices and herbs. Bottled at a strong 40 vol. % alcohol.

Aroma: Sweet and herbal with a delicate malt note, oak and slight spiciness.

Taste: Creamy and sweet, wild honey and anise with a slight note of whiskey.