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Canaoak Pure Blended Gold Rum 0.7l, alc. 40% by volume, Mauritius Rum

24,99 €
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Unit Price 35,70 € / Litre

The different rum styles have come together in a harmonious yet meaningful way.

The taste and aroma of the Canaoak Pure Blended Gold Rum shows the irresistibly delicious side with fruity and sweet notes that you can hardly get enough of.

The Canaoak Pure Blended Gold Rum complements the savory tropical fruits with an undertone of honey. Sugar cane juice and spices join in along with oak.

The finish is wonderfully soft and long-lasting, so that the blended rum leaves a lasting impression.

It is possible to drink the dark golden rum neat or to use it for mixing cocktails and long drinks.

Since he presents himself from the accessible, charming side, he even knows how to completely convince beginners.