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Berliner Luft Chocolate Peppermint Liqueur, 0.7l, alc. 15% by volume

8,49 €
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Unit Price 11,41 € / Litre

The number of trendy spirits continues to increase every year, but a certain charm often falls by the wayside.

The trendy-urban Berliner Luft Schoko proves that this doesn't have to be the case, as it reveals a nostalgic yet humorous side at first sight.

Because how could the inscription "Berliner Luft" (in old German letters) be decorated more handsomely than with a childishly written "chocolate"?!

In terms of taste, the capital liqueur combines a variety of flavors in an aromatic way.

Fresh mint combines with cream and cocoa to create an inimitable taste.

Enjoy real capital city flair with the Berlin Air Chocolate Liqueur.