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Akashi White Oak 0.5l, alc. 40% ABV Japan Blended Whisky

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Unit Price 49,98 € / Litre

Founded in 1984 in the city of Akashi, White Oak Distillery belongs to the Eigashima Shuzo company, which became known for the production of sake and shochu. From 1984, whiskey production was relocated to the new distillery and concentrated there. Malt whiskey is produced on two stills, which is later bottled as such or combined with purchased grain whiskey.

Akashi White Oak matured in oak casks for an undefined period of time. Bottled at a mild 40% ABV. Alcohol.

Aroma: Dry with an underlying spiciness, hints of fruit and oak.

Palate: Spicy grain with hints of sweetness and fruit, dry.